Upgrading to Cart 66 Cloud

As of March 2015, Cart66 Cloud 2.0 has been released, and it’s almost an entirely new plugin. Customers using StoredHaute, and Cartful in conjunction with Cart66 Cloud may have noticed some severe display issues, and products that have gone haywire.

I’m happy to report that these issues are now completely fixed in all of the aforementioned themes. You can download the updated versions from your ThemeForest Downloads Page. But make sure you read below before updating!

The biggest new feature in Cart66 Cloud 2.0 is their own Products post type. Due to this, I have retired the post type baked into the themes. This is for the better on many, many levels. The issue with this is now you need to move your products from the old post type to the new. Note that doing this, you will lose your existing tags and categories on the products. So before updating your theme, follow these steps:

  1. Update to the latest version of Cart66 Cloud
  2. Install and activate the Convert Post Types plugin.
  3. Go to Tools > Convert Post Types
  4. Set Convert from… to products
  5. Set Convert to… to cc_product
  6. Press the Convert button on the bottom of the page

Okay! Now your products have been moved to the new post type.

Now, you can replace the existing theme with the latest version. Do this either via FTP or from the WP dashboard. Learn more here.

Now, you may need to reset your permalinks. To do that, simply go to Settings > Permalinks. That’s it. Just loading the page resets them.

Now that you’re upgraded, you’ll see only one Product post type listed on the left of your dashboard. Go into there and into each of your products one by one. On the right side of your Product Edit screen, you’ll see a Cart66 Product box with a drop down:

Select your product from there.

Your featured image should have remained, but you’ll need to set any others you have. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see an Add Photos box where you can add up to five photos. Any photos you previously uploaded will still be available in your library and you can select them from there.

Feel free to add any categories that you need or want.