Child Themes

All Design Crumbs WordPress themes include a starter child theme with the main download file. By making changes in a child theme, you can safely update the parent theme as needed without losing any of your changes. Design Crumbs themes are updated regularly as bugs are found, new features are implemented, or to keep up to date with changes to the WordPress Core.

There's an excellent article by our good friend Japh over at TutsPlus, or if you're not into reading, our other friend Mike from Okay Themes made a neat little video if you'd like to watch that.

Not good enough? Want to read more? Ok.

What's a child theme?

A child theme is a theme that takes it's cues from a main theme. WordPress will first check with the child theme when looking for styles and pages, and if those styles or pages do not exist it will pull them from the main theme.

For instance, if the main stylesheet says:

body {

but you want the background to be red, you would put the following in the style.css of the child theme:

body {

By doing so, that style will be kept when and if you should ever update the main theme.

How Do I use it?

To use the child theme, install it the same way you did the parent theme and then activate the child theme. Any CSS rules you add the the child theme's style.css will override the styles of the parent theme. If you would like to make changes to a specific file from the parent, simply place a copy of that file in the child theme and WordPress will use the file in the child theme over the file named the same in the parent theme.

Let's say you want make a change to the single post page. Rather than doing it in the main theme, you would copy single.php from the main theme and then paste it into the child theme. From there, you would open that file and make your desired changes.